Susan’s mom gave her much advice. I call those gems Momisms and they are listed below. If you have any advice that your mom gave you, I invite you to share them. Just send your Momisms along with your name and where you are from: 

Momism 1: You are the merchandise. Display it well.

Momism 2: It’s not fair but that’s how it is. Deal with it.

Momism 3: If you aren’t married by the time you’re 22, you’re an old maid.

Momism 4: What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine too.

Momism 5: You are older. You should know better.

Momism 6: Be Nice.

Momism 7: Enough already.

Momism 8: Be careful what you ask for. You just might get it.

Momism 9: It shouldn’t be this hard.

Momism 10: It’s fun to flirt.

Momism 11: Lunch leads to dinner.

Momism 12: You are somebody’s wife.

Momism 13: Be delightful and you will delight others.

Momism 14: If you play you will pay.

Momism 15: Let him think he’s in control, then do it your way.

Momism 16: Better to dance with your vacuum.

Momism 17: Don’t believe everything you hear.

Momism 18: Jewish girls don’t ride motorcycles.

Momism 19: Never force anything.

Momism 20: Things happen for a reason.

Momism 21: You sound like Doris Day.

Momism 22: If you can’t get what you want, get something better.

Momism 23: Life trumps naked.

Momism 24: Expect the unexpected.

Momism 25: Not all first wives are frumpy.

Momism 26: Never reject yourself.

Momism 27: Learn how to take care of yourself.

Momism 28: Don’t be afraid of the silence.

Momism 29: If you have your family and health the rest is nonsense.

Momism 30: Ignore it. It becomes less important in time.

Momism 31: Mothers fears are never done.

Momism 32:  Nobody will love you like I love you.

Momism 33: Dance me younger too.