“Life with an Accent is a moving story of Marilyn Gottlieb’s husband, Frank Levy, his escape from Nazi Germany with his family as a young boy, the hard times as a refugee and ultimately as a very successful businessman in America.”

“While the story of Frank J. Levy’s life is unique, the issues arising from having to adapt to changing circumstances bear great relevance in today’s globalized world. Life with an Accent contributes to this important discussion. It is a tale full of optimism, and inspirational to us all.”

 - CARSTEN RUEPKE, Head of Cultural Affairs, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, Washington, D.C.

In Life With An Accent, Marilyn Gottlieb explores the complex layers of the past and the present, of the personal and the political.

 - Ursula Hegi, author, Children and Fire

 The quality of writing sets a high bar and you feel transported to another world. The structure is remarkable: inventive, metaphorical and succinct. Levy reads like a character out of a novel. It is a truly great read I immediately wanted to share with my mother and my daughter.

 - Odette Heideman, Editor, Epiphany, a literary journal

 Frank Levy's story, beautifully written by Marilyn Gottlieb, is a true picaresque tale. By turns funny and harrowing, his adventures will leave you marveling at Frank––his persistence, his daring, his wisdom.
 - Lou Ann Walker, author, A Loss For Words

 What a brave, innovative narrative. Gottlieb’s work captures her husband’s restless spirit and his bonhomie while exploring what it takes to survive against the odds. This book is a compelling look at one man’s struggle to do good in the world.
 - Robert Reeves, author, Doubting Thomas

 Gottlieb’s telling of her husband’s past is dramatic and inspirational. It is a must read for other immigrants who started over and for all those exploring their own roots.
 - Linda Goldstein, The Jewish Museum of New York 

 Part biography, part memoir and part history lesson, Frank Levy’s riveting life journey is a compelling read. Immigrants the world over, old and new, will relate to how the decision to give up everything and assimilate into a new life is ‘not so simple’.”
 - Jeffrey Feinbloom, Feinbloom Bertisch LLP, Immigration Law Specialists

 Marilyn Gottlieb gives a human side to the story behind recycling textile waste and used carpets and the importance of saving the environment, not just in the USA, but also in Italy and other countries around the world. 
 - Sergio Dell’Orco, President, Dell’Orco & Villani, manufacturers of textile recycling machinery

 This book is a wonderful account of a brilliant businessman and how he survived and thrived.  Patience, perseverance and an accumulation of international expertise has allowed Frank Levy to bring global technology to help solve the challenges of carpet recycling in the United States.
 - Dr. Robert Peoples, Executive Director, Carpet American Recovery Effort, and President, Environmental Impact Group, Inc.

 As an immigrant from Egypt I identify with my dear friend, Frank and his quest to reinvent himself. An engineer and inventor of patented technology, he has contributed more than most to American business and sustainability. 
 - Amad Tayebi, Professor Emeritus Plastic Engineering, University of Massachusetts and patent attorney

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